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Chi is from the Karen hill tribe.
He was born in a tiny village on the banks of the Salawin river that delimits the border between Thailand and Myanmar in Mae Sariang District.
He went briefly to school before starting to work at 9 years old in his village, in the rice fields, growing vegetables to sell on the market, taking care of the goats, the buffaloes and the elephant of the family who was working at the farm and logging.
Chi used to sleep with the elephant at night to keep an eye on him. It's here that his love for this majestic animal appeared.
At 12 years old, he left his village for Mae Hong Son District where he started to work at an elephant camp, learning how to become a mahout (elephant caretaker).
At 13 years old, he moved to Mae Wang District where he has been living and working with elephants since.
He also became guide to bring people for trekking in Mae Wang National Park.
Today, Chi and his friends are protecting the elephants by teaching the visitors how to behave with them. They explain the Karen culture by sharing their knowledge and the jungle secrets.

About Chi

Chi and Nong Pim
Chi and his beloved Nong Pim
Chi's house
Bananas plantation
Chi and the buffaloes
Peanuts plantation on the bank of te Salawin river
Salawin river
Chi and Nunaa
Dry banks of the Salawin river
View from the temple on Mae Sam Laep, the Salawin river and Myanmar
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